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Changes At The Resort

Changes At The Resort

We're Making Some Changes!

We are making lots of changes around Candlewyck Cove Resort. Our goal is to make your experience here an awesome one! What you see in this picture is part of the changes to the main house.

To see even more of what we are doing you might want to follow our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/candlewyckcove2017

Not only will you be able to see all that is going on at the resort, but you will also see upcoming specials, highlights and more!

Whether you’re just looking for a little quiet time away to spend with that special someone or you wish to develop lasting memories with your family or family reunion, you will enjoy your stay at Candlewyck Cove Resort on beautiful Grand Lake, Oklahoma. We have bedroom cabins, a romantic lakeside cabin, luxury homes, townhouses, king suites and our hotel. For additional enjoyment, many other local sights are conveniently accessible and the town of Grove, Oklahoma is only five minutes away.

We Are Updating Our Website

Candlewyck, Grand Lake Oklahoma

They say when things are working, don’t try to fix them and we couldn’t agree more here at Candlewyck Cove Resort. As we sit nestled among the beauty nature offers us on this seven acres of northern Oklahoma, we know this is what doesn’t need fixing.

We have 450 feet of waterfront that gives our visitors some of the best beach space surrounding Grand Lake. We have trees galore with the creatures of nature to be admired and enjoyed by all that come here. We couldn’t think of anything to fix here if we had to.

But when it comes to the business side of Candlewyck Cove Resort, we know that things are changing and we need to keep up with it all. With that thought in mind, we’ve contracted with On First Page Inc to design our new website.

Our new website will have more pictures of the beauty that our resort has to offer. It will also offer those with busy lives an easier way to make reservations, pay deposits and plan their family vacations or that special get-a-way for two, all online.

Not only will you be able to do all that by way of our new website, but you’ll be able to see more of what’s happening in the area around us, too. The places to eat and tour are plenty in this part of Oklahoma and Candlewyck Cove Resort is proud to show you all about it on our new website!

For those of you who know us and look forward to sharing your vacations with us, don’t worry. All the same things you’ve come to expect and love about Candlewyck Cove Resort is still here. After all, you can’t fix things that are working!

Getting Back To Nature

Candlewyck tree & Sky on Grand Lake Oklahoma

Those family vacations to theme parks are fun and it takes more than one visit to see it all. But once you have seen it all, well, you’ve seen it all. You and your kids are all bored with that same-old-same-old vacation and now you wonder just what you should do this summer instead.

How about getting back to nature? There are so many different private resorts and state parks that offer activities and relaxation, choosing which one to visit is the hardest part. They are nestled among trees and situated on beautiful lakes. You can bring a camper, tent or take advantage of cabins that may be available to rent. Just how much you want to “rough it” is up to you.

The best part of a vacation like this is getting you and your kids outside in the fresh air and sunshine. No pressure of getting to a show in time or standing in long lines for a 2 minute ride. You can sleep in or wake up early and enjoy the sunrise. Get to bed early or stay up late and watch the sun set and the stars sparkle.

After a vacation like these, you’ll return to work much more relaxed and rested than you do after spending 3 days traveling to a theme park for 2 days. The only thing that is going to change with nature is the seasons of time.

Make Your Summer Memories at a Lake Resort

Fire Pit at Candlewyck, Grand Lake Resort

Spring has arrived and families that don’t have their vacation plans in place already are starting to look at what there is to do and where to do it.  All winter long, it’s been cold and everyone has been stuck inside.  We’ve watched every Netflix series possible, played video games and surfed the internet until our eyes are crossed.  

Now is the time to get that summer vacation planned and the places in Oklahoma are countless. We have some of the most beautiful lake resorts in the country. For the real outdoor type, there are camping grounds that are right on the lake or up in the woods. If roughing it isn’t your family’s style, then choose one of the many beautiful luxury hotels you could ask for.

Get other branches of the family together and rent out a cabin that is part of a lake resort and enjoy the many activities that are waiting. You don’t have to own a boat or a jet ski because there are lake rentals available for those things. You can have all the fun without the expense and worry of ownership.

This summer, take the kids out to enjoy the original form of social media. The many different resorts that the state of Oklahoma offers you are many and each one has its own beauty and fun. Choose a resort up in the mountains with a small lake or choose a resort on a larger lake with more activities. Either way, it can be a summer of fun and memories.

Lake Resort Camping Makes Camping Safer Today

Kids playing at Candlewyck, Grand Lake Resort

Maybe this is the year to introduce the kids to outdoor fun they haven’t had before and take them to one of the many resorts in Oklahoma.   In times gone by, it was common for a family to go camping during the summer. They would find a place close to the beach or a lake and pitch a tent, set up camp and have fun. Today though, it isn’t the same and camping has kind of fell off the radar of “things to do” for most of us.

Many will say that the kids aren’t interested. They have their computers and video games they’d rather play with. Or, they have organized sports that take up all the weekends. Then there are some who worry if camping outside is even safe anymore. And that is a valid concern to have, especially when camping with the family.

Fortunately, there are many lake resorts in Oklahoma that offer cabins and camping grounds as well as luxury hotels and lake property rentals. Whether it is a weekend away or your annual vacation, a resort is a more secured place to camp. This makes it safe for the entire family. Many life-long friendships have begun at resorts for both adults and kids. Even when the camping is done and everyone heads back home, they can exchange contact information, even Facebook pages, and keep up with each other throughout the year. 

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