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Lake Resort Camping Makes Camping Safer Today

Kids playing at Candlewyck, Grand Lake Resort

Maybe this is the year to introduce the kids to outdoor fun they haven’t had before and take them to one of the many resorts in Oklahoma.   In times gone by, it was common for a family to go camping during the summer. They would find a place close to the beach or a lake and pitch a tent, set up camp and have fun. Today though, it isn’t the same and camping has kind of fell off the radar of “things to do” for most of us.

Many will say that the kids aren’t interested. They have their computers and video games they’d rather play with. Or, they have organized sports that take up all the weekends. Then there are some who worry if camping outside is even safe anymore. And that is a valid concern to have, especially when camping with the family.

Fortunately, there are many lake resorts in Oklahoma that offer cabins and camping grounds as well as luxury hotels and lake property rentals. Whether it is a weekend away or your annual vacation, a resort is a more secured place to camp. This makes it safe for the entire family. Many life-long friendships have begun at resorts for both adults and kids. Even when the camping is done and everyone heads back home, they can exchange contact information, even Facebook pages, and keep up with each other throughout the year.